Talon Guard

Primarily Iosian in origin, little is known about the team aside from their specialization in the specific elimination and removal of key targets. They are closer to assassins than mercenaries, but their methods typically involve the utilization of entire squads of mage hunters to find and eliminate their targets.

The guard is known for deploying very small strike elements in the field, often to accomplish surgical operations before immediately falling back into the shadows. They recruit members of other species who show necessary talent, but these members tend to be few and far between.

Perception from potential employers:
While top tier talent can be expensive, the guard frequently sends out junior teams for shake down training. This is typically compiled of recruits led by a veteran hunter who both guides and trains recruits in field assignments, as well as evaluates use and potential for future training. While untested, these units are typically reliable and get the job done so long as the unit leader remains alive.

Perception from other mercenary teams:
Like the Iosian culture, the Guard seems quite insular, rarely letting in members and sharing less of themselves with others than is the norm among mercenaries. To their credit, they generally act honorably and are known for surgical precision in their strikes; which tends to mean less collateral damage.

Not the easiest to work with, but given their propensity for slipping into a crowd and vanishing; most generally just try to either stay out of their way or make a habit of watching over their shoulders.

Noted Alliances:
Various, but nothing of relevance.

Talon Guard

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