Operation 1, Murder of the Three Kingdoms

Lucious, Unknown organization

In approximately 24-48 hours, noblemen from Cygnar, Khador, and Llael will arrive in the quiet town of Mali, Llael for a festival commemorating the yearly harvest. It is the first time since the invasion of Llael that all three factions will be meeting in a social event, and you have been informed that the peaceful conclusion of this event could pave the way to a potential cease fire, or even the termination of hostilities between the various factions.

Your client wants to not only prevent such a possibility, but to stoke the flames of war even further.

Primary Objective:
The elimination of the Cynarian, Khadorian, and Llaelese representatives in a manner that leads their factions to blame one another for the murders. A public spectacle would be preferred, but if the elimination must be done quietly, then so long as each respective faction’s entourage finds evidence of the other faction(s); that will be sufficient.

Note that payment is only paid upon the successful elimination of all three noblemen. Allowing even one to escape means nobody gets paid. Payment of contract will be done to the team responsible for the execution of the mark. (The client is apparently very sure of their ability to distinguish between which team is responsible for which kill).

Your methods, execution, and resources will be left entirely to your discretion.

Payment Conditions:
- 300 crowns per person, per objective neutralized. (I.e.: Neutralization of two targets will yield 600g for each member of team, and 900g for each person if all three targets are neutralized by the same one team)

The rationale behind this is to discourage in group fighting. Lucious has had more than enough squads fail because someone in the group got greedy for more loot and wound up shooting someone in the back when they should have been staying on the objective. The hope here is to encourage some team work, and even bringing in more qualified agents if it means a better result. It’s also worth noting that Lucious isn’t an idiot, so don’t try to bring 50 guys and tell him the other 47 should be paid out similarly

Failure Conditions:
- If any of the noblemen leave alive. It’s worth noting that the early assassination of one target, may spook the others; so you’re better off trying to make sure you have every target in assassination range prior to starting one off.

- If you deliberately kill or sabotage another mercenary company during the contract. There are multiple reasons for this, the first being that your client wants to make sure the job gets done right. Infighting among the teams will be counter productive to the overall result and could even lead to absolute mission failure if both teams wind up in a position where they can’t complete their objectives.

- If the other team is deliberately killed, injured, or otherwise made unavailable to Lucious by direct and malicious intent of your team after the contract is done but before payment is made. If the other team fulfills their contract, they are an asset to Lucious and removal of the asset to just claim their payment will be treated as a sleight on Lucious himself. In addition, getting a name for stabbing other mercenaries in the back will likely result poorly in your ability to secure work with other companies, or even call upon tertiary services (suppliers may be unwilling to help someone who is removing their potential clients for instance).

Operation 1, Murder of the Three Kingdoms

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