Mali, Llael

Name of town:
Mali (Pronounced Mah-Lee)

Governing body:
Mayor Thale Iblis, installed by the Llaese government prior to invasion of Llael.

General location:
Just north of Llael, barely a day by train from Llael and otherwise a few days by horse from any major city on the borders of Khador, Ord, or Cygnar.

Technically within what remains of the borders of Llael, but with its proximity to Khador and Ord; many immigrants and travelers pass through the area with some frequency. Taxes are presently being redirected to Khadoran coffers, but the village itself is not under the protection, or jurisdiction of Khador; primarily due to logistical challenges with protecting what is for all intents; a frontier town with few resources.


Caspian (primary), Cygnaran, Sulese, Khadoran

Primary Export:
Light agricultural

Primary Import:
Light manufactured goods, few luxury items

War Dogs Intel:
A small town by even the most generous of definitions, Mali exists primarily as an escape from the war. With a few sparse buildings in the city square, surrounded by farm based residential; Mali was built on a cross roads and will likely dry up due to a severe lack of natural resources and strategic importance.

As a town, most of the buildings were built by human hands and are usually a single story tall. Cobblestone roads meet to form the center of town, where its primary feature is a rusted out colossal that’s been turned into a tavern. Resources in the town prevent it from having access to particularly good mechanical or advanced academical goods; but the local doctors and farmer markets are bountiful with naturally farmed resources.

Update as of the successful invasion of Llael
Upon the successful invasion of Llael, Mali has seen an upswing in the amount of commerce, trade, and general foot traffic. It is its complete and utter lack of strategic and logistical value that actually causes many to come here, believing it to be a refuge from the war. With a single rail line and river that runs close to the town, access in and out of Mali is difficult so few are present who do not otherwise have a reason to be there.

Lightly defended with an internal militia/ towns guard who are best equipped to deal with local bar brawls and the odd village idiot, the town enjoys a low crime rate and an otherwise peaceful self contained microcosm.

Mali, Llael

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