Lucious (No last name known)

Present Status:
Dead – But replaced (Henceforth, this article will regard the impostor)


Title/ Designation:
Client (?)

Since discovering the true corpse of the man who was Lucious, your documents here will pertain and relate to the man you believed to have been Lucious. From what you can tell of the corpse, Lucious died painfully at the hands of painful magic; and you have little reason to believe that his impostor was probably the one who did him in.

You feel just a little disturbed when you look at Lucious. On the one hand you see a frail old man whose body is clearly well past its prime (you’d say he’s about 120, and in doing so you’re giving him the benefit of the doubt).

But what seems odd to you is that his limbs move with the dexterity of a 20 year old. Beneath noble man robes, his arms are taut and his eyes betray a keen awareness that makes you think that he just forgot how old he was and decided he’d remain young forever.

There’s clearly something arcane and dark about him, but beyond that; you know nothing. Given how quick he is to hand out his money however, you feel little compulsion to pry too much.

Arcane… of some sort?

You know almost nothing about Lucious or the organization he represents. You were contacted for this job anonymously and you’re not even sure who referred you to him. His speech, inflections, and mannerisms suggest old world nobility; but even then you’re not entirely sure what to make of him.


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