Oderic Stoneborne

A dwarven arcane/field mechanic who is the treasurer for the War Dogs mercenary company.


Archetype: Gifted
Careers: Arcane/Field Mechanic
Race: Dwarf
Nationality: Rhulic
Languages Spoken: Rhulic, Caspian


Born in Rhul, Oderic had an affinity for mechanika at an early age and he was soon swept up by his family into the mercenary lifestyle as a mechanic fixing up and building jacks and arcane tech. Not afraid to get into a scrap with others, he gained notoriety within the mercenary community as a mechanic who wont leave a jack behind. His reputation for fighting along side his jacks in Rhul was making him a local celebrity, much to the dismay of rival families within Rhul ,and as a prize too risky to lose. Soon enough his superiors began to assign him less risky assignments and his mercenary life was becoming a prison.

Seeing the same jacks and patrolling the same route safe within Rhul day in and day out was too much and soon his wanderlust began to set in.

Oderic Stoneborne

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