War Dogs; a tale of blood and coin


The journey to Korsk is surprisingly quiet given the events you walk away from. To your dismay, there is nobody else on the road heading from Mali to Korsk that you encounter, and you distantly hope that it’s because they’ve headed for Ord or Ios; but you know better…

As you pass from hamlet, to village, to town; the stories become louder and more fantastic, all the while being utterly without merit. It’s a Cygnarian bio weapon, or a show of rebellion from the local Llaese resistance; but the conclusion is that Mali has been wiped off the map and early estimates indicate that the town will never be restored. It’s of some surprise to you to learn that there’s almost no mention of the Cryx, but it makes sense… The Cryx were operating well beyond their borders (with their operations based to the south, a raid in northern Llael is all but impossible to fathom), and even if it was known; such rumors would do nothing but instill a panic amongst the populace.

By the end of the first day of travel, you and the group have procured horses on the Kayazy coin and have already started heading for a nearby town where a train can take the group to Korsk. You learn the eliminators, sisters named Taylaria and Valera are actually fairly pleasant company; carrying themselves with a sense of honor and hard won world experience. Despite the reputation of the Kayazy, the two of them are fairly jovial in their dealings with you, and you can tell from their various scars and stories that the two are no doubt a force to be reckoned with.

Korsk, the capital of Khador, is a welcome sight after the second day. While it lacks the technological advancements of Cygnar, or the cultural color of Ord, Korsk is clearly an orderly city of brick and mortar; defying the beginnings of the winter chill that has clearly begun to grip the northern capital city. Her people are hardy however, and if the winter’s chill bothers them; they demonstrate no signs of their discomfort.

The eliminators bid you farewell and provide you tickets back to Ord, as well as a promise that the War Dogs may call upon their services should they be needed. You are somewhat wary about having such close ties to the Kayazy, but frankly you’re better off being on their good side than their bad; and Valera and Taylaria seemed like good friends to have at your back.

Your eventual meeting with the retired Kovnik Ulrich goes about as well as you might expect. Your profession almost requires that you forget that everyone you kill was someone’s son or daughter, if only to help you get through the day of killing for profit; so delivering the news of a dead son strikes a nerve as you let the Kovnik know his only son has passed on. For your efforts however, the Kovnik provides you ample coin for your efforts and promises more work in the future.

As your payment is split between the group, you take a moment to draw in the crisp morning air. The last week alone has given you experiences and scars that are unlikely to ever come away from you; but you have coin in your pockets and you live to fight another day which is all any Dog could ever ask for. With that thought, you square your shoulders and look out across the city; wondering where your path may take you next.



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